Living in Harmony at Luther Village

Roger Turek, our director, gets us going as we entertain the residents of Luther Village in Arlington Heights. (8/17/2011)
Dressed in our Sunday-best Hawaiian shirts, we give it our all.

The Spittunes, a chapter quartet, sing a tender ballad about Texas.  Actually, it really wasn't that tender.
Musicology 101 sang about how they were feeling and they were 'Feeling Mighty Fine.'
Chorducopia sang about that chariot swingin' down.  The whole place was swingin' by they time they finished.

Roger and the Luther Village Assistant Activities Director, Marcia Kurczodyna, stand with placard  indicating sponsorship for the event.

The Living in Harmony Program

The Living in Harmony Program brings the joy of music to the senior citizen community in the Northwest Chicagoland area.  The Arlingtones Chorus and quartets offer free performances for organizations that provide services for the well being of our senior citizens. Our chorus and/or quartets customize performances to suit the needs of any situation. This program is made possible through the support and sponsorship of various donors.

For more information, contact the Arlingtones.  Please see information under the Arlingtones contact link.

It was a great audience and it seemed that they had a great time. We hope to get back again soon. Maybe Christmas?
We all had a good time. Thank you Luther Village and thank you Living in Harmony.
            Photos by Alfredo Rodriguez